MS4Front Users

MS4 permit programs require a wide variety of team members to be implemented successfully. Each player must collaborate with other staff members to complete activities, assign tasks, or review information. MS4Front gives these team members a way to communicate and collectively accomplish MS4 goals.


Stormwater inspectors use MS4Front to:

  1. Use the mobile app to execute inspection items
  2. Take pictures
  3. Document findings
  4. Send inspection reports or violation notices
  5. Schedule follow up actions
  6. Prioritize workflows
  7. Receive alerts

Stormwater Managers Use MS4Front to:

  1. Store all data in a centralized location for easy access to MS4 permit information
  2. Share data in a digital format via email and online drives
  3. Review data trends to make informed decisions
  4. Communicate with stakeholders about the status of any permit activities
  5. Receive notifications regarding outstanding or upcoming activities

GIS technicians/IT personnel use MS4Front to:

  1. Support workflows for staff
  2. Consult with MS4Front staff on API to third party data sources and online databases
  3. Store your GIS vector data online for peers to view without a network connection

Department Directors use MS4Front to:

  1. Review ALL data related to your MS4 permit
  2. Keep on top of compliance with auto-generated annual reports